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Julia McKay:

Tattoos and Artwork


Born and raised in Julian, CA I have always been drawing and creating, adventuring, reading, and gaming. I got into the tattoo industry after graduating from college and realizing I wanted to do art rather than more studying or working a regular 9 to 5. 

After years of drawing for fun I finally was able to do it for a living once I got an apprenticeship at Guru Tattoo in San Diego, CA. Working there opened my eyes to the possibilities of art and how many opportunities there are for one to express themselves through that medium while helping others do the same. After moving to Olympia, WA I was able to broaden my horizons a bit with tattoo and art styles. 

I love to play video games, read science fiction and fantasy books, travel, or just hang out with my cats. I am ALWAYS excited to get clients with the same interests or ideas for designs that can incorporate these passions.


Whether it be mythology, witchcraft, books, games, pets, space, or anything that can be turned into a unique and awesome tattoo, I am happy to do it :).

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