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Witch and Dragon

Tattoos by Julia McKay

Established in 2022, Witch and Dragon studio has been a dream of mine since I was in high school. Warm, cozy, and welcoming, the studio I have lovingly built will make you feel right at home while getting a custom tattoo. 



I specialize in illustrative tattoos that lean more towards realism than cartoon. I love to tattoo anything inspired by books, video games, sci-fi and fantasy, and nature.

My custom tattoos are the designs I create based on a client's request. My art and design, your idea :).

When I get the chance, I create "Wanna Do" designs just based on themes and ideas I particularly enjoy. I will offer those up as well for when clients just want get a tattoo because they like the look of it.


The Studio

The studio is located in downtown Olympia right across from Capitol Lake. It's a private location with large, tinted windows, secure industrial locking doors, and lots of natural light. It's walking distance to Bayview for snacks and coffee, or shops for when your appointment is over.


There is a fridge in-shop for your treats and beverages, a cozy chair for while you're waiting or for your buddies that come with you, and even an Xbox if you decide you need to play. Oh, and some books to browse of course!

It's a safe space where all genders and body types are welcome.

Sometimes my dog, Donut joins me at work. She is a young Golden Doodle, hypoallergenic, and she has her own space to sleep and play while we tattoo. She loves pets!

Contact Info

Views on Fifth Building

434 Simmons St SW

Olympia WA, 98501

Business Hours:

- Monday - Friday: 9am to 5pm

- Saturdays: Upon request (usually 

   booked out quite far)

- Closed on Sundays


Instagram: @witch_and_dragon

Facebook: Julia McKay Tattoo

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