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How do I book with you?

  • You can book with me one of three ways: through the Contact Page here on the website, via email at, or by sending a message to my Facebook Business page at Julia McKay Tattoo. 

  • Do NOT send a DM through Instagram since I am very bad at remembering to check those. 

  • Once I have your initial request, I will send out all the information I need in order to begin the consultation. I do all the consultations online and the deposit must be sent through Venmo. 

  • You cannot book an appointment without sending a deposit.

What is the cost?

  • $180 hourly with a $100 minimum

  • Deposits will be between $100 and $180 depending on design, size, etc. 

  • I charge hourly for custom pieces and for the "Available Designs" that I post occasionally. When I do Flash Sheets the cost is a set rate for each design rather than an hourly charge. 

  • It is cash mandatory for first time client, then cash preferred after that. Venmo is accepted occasionally once we've gotten to know one another. 

Can I see a draft before booking?

  • I do NOT send out drafts or sketches for clients who just want an "idea" of what I could do for them. That is what my online portfolio and social media accounts are for. If you like what I do, then you will have to trust that I can do what you want.

  • I require a deposit and a firm appointment date before I do any drawing and even then I won't start designing until your appointment comes close as I work on projects in the order they appear on the calendar. 

  • I then DO send a draft the day before our appointment so you can take a look. 

  • If you want MINOR changes or adjustments, I can do that. If you want MAJOR changes once you've seen the design, a reschedule might be in order. 

Are there refunds?

  • While I have never had someone ask for a refund on their tattoo (thank goodness!), there are no refunds on Deposits. 

  • Deposits hold the date, are an agreement that you show up and that I have the drawing done on time. They are also for the artist to have some insurance in case clients no-show. 

What if I have to cancel or reschedule?

  • I understand that life happens and things can change in a moment with schedules and finances. If you have to reschedule, PLEASE send a message or email as soon as you know you can't make it. 

  • The deposit will not be forfeit if you are able to let me know ahead of time, rather than no-call or no-showing on me. 

  • Sometimes I have to reschedule on YOU. I hate to do this but with two young kids that go to daycare, it can be hard to guarantee every day will go as planned. I always send messages and warnings as soon as I can so you aren't too caught off guard and I plan for those days so we can get you back on the schedule as soon as possible. 

Contact Info

Views on Fifth Building

434 Simmons St SW

Olympia WA, 98501

Business Hours:

- Monday - Friday: 9am to 5pm

- Saturdays: Upon request (usually 

   booked out quite far)

- Closed on Sundays


Instagram: @witch_and_dragon

Facebook: Julia McKay Tattoo

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